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Personalise your child's adventure this summer

Kids who read stories that they feature in are more engaged

Personalise your child's adventure this summer

Kids who read stories that they feature in are more engaged

What Will You Be?

Your little one is growing up fast. Discover your child being in a different profession in every wonderful way. With loving rhymes to read for your little one, watch every part of you melt away!

The Magic of Al Ain FC

A child goes on a footballing adventure with their favorite club – Al Ain FC. Through the club’s values, the child learns about the importance of collaboration and teamwork, to achieve his goals.

The Football Star

Your child will take a journey into excelling at their favorite sport. Through this journey they will gain an understanding of teamwork and collaboration.

On A Space Mission

Realize your child's dream of becoming an astronaut. With vivid colors and a thrilling storyline your child will envisage being the conqueror of challenges.

The Ocean Keeper

In this adventure, your child learns to take on a vital responsibility of saving our oceans. Combined with Emirati traditions, the child will also learn about our treasured heritage

Boost your child's development

Develops imagination

Seeing themselves take on an adventure sends their imagination wild, developing creativity and analytical thinking

Child feels extra special

Stories are written about them, so they feel unique

Encourage reading

They are more interested to read their own stories thus building language skills

Builds self-esteem and confidence

Show them they can take on challenges and be heroes

We are on a mission to make children happy

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So happy with the book. This is probably the best gift she has received
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I have never seen him smiling so much when I read this to him. Well done Hikayati
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I purchased all three titles. Can't wait for more to come
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This week whenever I peek into his room to see what he is up to; he is reading his adventure

Safe to read

Our books are chemical free with all that saliva around!

Excellent quality

Hardcover book with quality in every respect to last years

Memory! not a gift

Personalize it with dedication and read it with them!


Customized in every regard and unique to our region

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